Tastefully Simple Fun

Hi all.  Wanted to let you know I’ve taken the plunge.  After being unemployed for the past decade, home schooling my youngest, and taking care of my family, I decided it was time to poke my head back out in the world and start working again.  I’m SUPER EXCITED about it and hopeful for the things to come, the fun people I’ll meet, and facing the challenges that come along with starting an independent business.  I’ve become an Independent Consultant for Tastefully Simple.

For those of you unfamiliar with Tastefully Simple:
Tastefully Simple features easy-to-make entrees, sides, desserts, entertaining menus and even gifts. TS products require two items or less to prepare (when made as package directs). But Tastefully Simple is so much more! Do you find yourself asking “What’s for dinner” night after night? TS products can save you time, money and take away the guilt of doing the drive thru; help you make healthier choices by preparing delicious meals. TS offers meal kits that give you the recipes, grocery lists and products to prepare…all you do is add the fresh ingredients! TS also offers a delicious line of gluten free products and the TS “Eatwell” line offers you a selection of flavorful and balanced products to fit your lifestyle! With products that are free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sweeteners, MSG and hydrogenated fats, this company is proving that eating well can be simple, delicious and fun.

I’m hijacking this recipe blog to aid me with this business and hope you’ll ALL stick with me, and maybe even invite some friends along because as you have come here for recipes, I will be sharing even MORE on my consultant Facebook page.  If you don’t have a Facebook, you can also follow me on Twitter.  If you don’t have either, let me know because I will be happy to simply share links to recipes here as well.  ALONG with that, I may even share some of my most FAVORITE personal recipes in which I incorporate Tastefully Simple’s amazing seasonings – including Bacon Bacon, Seasoned Salt, Onion Onion and more.  So please, don’t go anywhere.

I look forward to sharing this venture with you, and hope we can ALL gain something very positive from it all.


Brandy – aka “Brat”  🙂

Please click the link below, which will draw you to my TS website.  Then, click either the Facebook icon, or the Twitter icon, whichever you prefer, to get easy access to me, extra recipes, products, tips, tricks and more (that I might not share here).


Thanks guys!  Cook on!


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