30 Days of Meals? Planned?

Well….I got my first shipment today and let me tell you – it is EXCITING!

I used to sell Tastefully Simple (briefly) back in the mid to late 90’s, shortly after they started and they didn’t have ANYTHING like THIS!  I remember back then, I would search out recipes on the main TS website; recipes that utilized their product(s). I would then print them out, copy them, and mail them (snail mail) to my customers weekly, monthly – what have you.   Now?  Oh, this is WAY better!!!  And it’s so fun, I just gotta share with all of you.  (The internet sure has changed our lives huh?)

So I receive this big box today (which I ordered) – 28 products in total – all part of Tastefully Simple’s “30 day meal kit”.  The products were all fun to look at, all sprawled out on my pub height kitchen table.  It was exciting, and even a bit overwhelming,  but then I was like – what in the world do I DO with all this?  I mean, I use SOME of what I received on a pretty regular basis in my cooking, but there were products in the box that I didn’t have the first clue what to do with.


Ahhh…wait!  There’s something ELSE in the box!  It’s a little folder that says in fairly big letters:  “dinner is decided” and then under that “with your 30 Meals and More Collection“.    I open it up, and I see a stack of individual recipe cards inserted in the left side of the folder and behind it, 6 individual grocery lists (1 for each week).  On the right side of the folder I see a “Meal Planner” – with beautiful pictures of the prepared meals for each recipe card – 5 meals a week for 6 weeks.

I started to look through the individual recipe cards….

BBQ Bacon Chicken kabobs……

Easy slow cooker lasagna……

Pizza Stromboli…..

Slow cooked Salsa Chicken wraps…..

I’m drooling here…..

I look through the rest of the cards  and find more “easy sides” cards – Garlic Mac n Cheese, Grilled Potato Wedges, Tangy Thai Broccoli slaw……

It just goes on and on with mouthwatering recipes….

I’m thinking all in all, there are about 45 recipe cards – with use of EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT sent to me.

Grocery list – SUPER EASY to work with.  It gives you a simple list of EVERYTHING YOU’LL NEED from the grocery store (if you don’t already have it) for that week’s meals.  This whole kit is VERY well organized!

And the greatest thing of all?  Each meal costs on average about 3.00 per serving/meal.  The recipes serve anywhere from 4-6 people.

I heard angels singing for a moment…..

I had been getting tired of the same old meals and this is not only going to totally change up our eating habits, but it will probably be healthier (I typically tend to cook heavy southern style – Paula Deen style – comfort foods – you know).   These recipes are going to incorporate so many more veggies into our diets, and everything is laid out for me so simply.  GLORIOUS!


Honestly, I can hardly wait to start making these dishes.  I can hardly wait to see how the family likes them.  I can hardly wait to just test all of this!

Tastefully Simple has been part of our home since the 90’s, and they just gave me a super easy way to try so many products I never would have even THOUGHT of buying before; from Asian and Thai, to American burgers and steaks and everything in between…..  YUM!

side note:  you can also PRE prepare parts of each recipe and freeze if needed (directions on each card), making your cooking days even EASIER!  Just pull, thaw, cook, enjoy!  🙂

I’ll tell you what, I’ve given you the basics, now I’ll let you check it out for yourself.  I’m going to keep my readers posted on how this goes.  You can all journey along with me on this.

In the meantime, if you are interested in anything I’ve just told you, or simply want to check out what I’m teasing your taste buds with here – go to the following link:


Our 30 meals and more kits come with $241.24 in product and TS sells them for $200. That’s already a savings of $41.24.

BUT I have $40 off codes and you can get the 30 meals kit for $159.95 for a total savings of $81.24!

You get 27 products (that are used in the recipes), a 6 week meal planner, over 30 recipes and 6 weeks of grocery lists to complete the recipes. My family and I absolutely love the meals!

If you would like more information on this, or any of our products, or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Until next time – COOK ON!

Blessings to you,

Brandy – aka: Brat 🙂


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